Lesson One

1.ETB Fonts and logos
2.Photos to use on PowerPoint
4.PowerPoint Starter Template
5. design principles.pdf
6. Session outline.pdf

Explainer Assets Fonts and Logos 1.pdf
Explainer images 2.pdf
ETB Donegal Brand Guidelines.pdf
Task 1 Three Slide Instructions Presentation.pdf

Lesson Two

1.image resources
2. Session Two info on colour and typefaces
3. Task 1 supplemental Crop and Scale
4. Task 1 Three Slide Finished Example
5. Walk Through The Ribbon
6. Task 1 Three Slide Instructions Slides 2 & 3
Also Task 1 Three Slide Instructions Presentation slide 1

Lesson Three

1. Hand out ColorTheory.pdf
2. Hand out Principles-of-Design.pdf
3. ETB Donegal logo layout suggestion.pdf
4. ETB Donegal template sizes info.pdf
5. ETB Donegal Complementary Colours info.pdf

PowerPoint sized templates

A5 Template to design flyers
Insta post 1200px-by-1200px-sm-post (1)
Facebook post 1200px-by-627px-sm-post

Lesson Four

1. FILE TYPES info.docx
2. CMYK VS RGB.docx
3. Image resolution.docx
4. Working with Colour Recap.pdf
5. Image resources.docx
6. Very detailed info on images and resolution.docx


Lesson 4 Three Slide & Working with Images A.pptx

Lesson Five

1. Step by Step to Download Video from YouTube


Session 5 compositions and layout presenation recap.pptx

Colour guide RGB references.pptx