the dream…

Even though our Founder Fiona O’Reilly had brilliant experiences working in the creative industries in Dublin, New York and Australia,  she always dreamed of returning home to Donegal. Happily she was able to do just that in 2008, fulfilling her ambition of setting up a creative design studio in her home county.

On the Dot has evolved to become a family business with graphic designers Fiona and her husband Lar Thompson, not forgetting MAX the studio dog, perfecting our creative dream team.

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getting started…

and surviving.

Even though it was brilliant to be home, it was a bit of a shock coming back to Donegal. Little did Fiona know that within weeks the global recession would hit which meant that design work was low on the ground. She freelanced as a graphic designer and also returned to college to upskill, obtaining a first class honours BA in visual communications in 2009 and an MA in Motion Graphics in 2010.

This new knowledge coupled with insights into what clients needed enabled her to identify a range of clients who required bespoke visual design solutions that provided real value for them,

So in May 2011 On The Dot Design was born.

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what it looks like today

We love the work we do and the place we do it in. We get to work with amazing creatives and clients all over the world, from artisan food producers and artists to national and international corporate clients. 

Collaboration is something we love to do. Getting to know and work with inspiring people, innovators and intuitive thinkers makes what we do really enjoyable and always interesting. Always on the look out for new and interesting projects we love to become the creative member of your team.

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and where we’re headed!

and surviving.

We welcome a creative brief, we are  inquisitive, open minded and approach each project with a sense of adventure. Working on Cultural, Tourism projects and the Arts is what we love to do. 

Our areas of expertise are bespoke visual communications, brand identity, creative promotional campaigns and packaging design.

Whether you are a local start-up looking to carve out a niche or a big-name brand looking for new ways to be seen, we are here to help you on your journey.

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Ever since I can remember I have been creating things, one of my earliest memories of this is in national school in Donegal creating little animals and characters with “Marla” plasticine.  Today, I gain inspiration from oil painting, travel, photography, music, film, theatre, art exhibitions. For me there is always something new to see and learn as a creative person.

Fiona O’Reilly

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whats in our heart

Through my childhood I learned new ways of making and creating and I have continued this process throughout my career. My curiosity as a child has stayed  with me, I love to learn and find out more about new ways of working and about new products.

I love to listen to people and learn from them, this is one of the things I love about being a graphic designer, each project is completely different, I am fortunate to get to learn from my clients and the services and products they provide

Fiona O’Reilly

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We love to work with people that value working closely with a creative team. If this sounds exciting to you and you are looking for a creative team to partner with on your next project please get in touch.
We would love to find out how we can help you. So lets start with a chat, drop a line to to arrange a time. Looking forward to hearing from you.