Project Description

Dublin City Council with Waterways Ireland requested On The Dot to design The Grand Canal Recreation Activation and Animation: Portobello to Kylemore Road Report.

The report recommends a collaborative, community-based approach to unlock the on-water recreation potential of the Grand Canal from Portobello to Kylemore Road.

This area has limited on-water activity at present, even though it has one of the longest stretches of the canal in the city with no navigation locks. The Grand Canal and its towpaths represent a significant opportunity to unlock the potential of this water asset for local communities, Dubliners and visitors to the city.

Commissioned jointly by Dublin City Council and Waterways Ireland, the report by Irish Leisure Consultants is informed by the views and knowledge of local communities and stakeholders, as well as the ambitions of national and local strategies and plans.

The consultation process identified positive, strong and diverse connections among residents and communities with this section of the Grand Canal, including recreational uses, environmental stewardship, heritage, and active travel. The report emphasises the importance of balancing of opportunities and responsibilities to increase quality of life and provide for a diverse range of needs and interests.

The report recommends a collaborative approach, with an initial programme of community-based activities and leadership training to enhance a sense of place and develop perceptions and engagement with the canal, followed by the physical development of a series of links, nodes and zones along the canal.

In Spring and Summer 2023, the project partners will work with local stakeholders to pilot a number of on-water activities and explore sustainable initiatives to unlock the potential of the city’s Grand Canal.