what we do…

We love the work we do and the opportunity it gives us to work with amazing creatives and clients all over the world, from artisan food producers and artists to national and international corporate clients. 

Collaboration is something we welcome, getting to know and work with inspiring people, innovators and intuitive thinkers makes what we do really enjoyable and always interesting. 

Always on the lookout for new and interesting projects we love to become the creative member of your team.

the way we do it

Our areas of expertise are bespoke visual communications, brand identity, creative promotional campaigns and packaging design.

We welcome a creative brief, we are inquisitive, open minded and approach each project with a sense of adventure. Working on Cultural, Tourism projects and the Arts is what we love to do. 

Whether you are a local start-up looking to carve out a niche or a big-name brand looking for new ways to be seen, we are here to help you on your journey



The value of good design can be measured in a number of ways such as greater awareness and visibility for your product or service.

Our specialities are Design for publishing in particular Cultural, Tourism projects and the Arts plus Branding and Brand Strategies. We also produce creative promotional campaigns for our clients.

Design is about solving complex problems with clear, accessible, and elegant solutions.


On The Dot can help you at any point of your brand journey, from naming a new company or product through to creating a unique graphic language for you. Our clients in this area are varied, from helping new Artisan Food businesses establish themselves with a new name and visual identity, to helping companies develop their brand architecture, story and identity systems. We’ve also worked on many successful visual re brands over the last few years.

We strive to provide  innovative brand soloutions for destinations, products and services and are continually upskilling in this evolving area. We  believe that effectively branding a destination is about much more than a logo. It means connecting strategy with story, to engage communities, stakeholders and a wider ecology together under one visual mark.


We also provide design consultation and visuals for websites, online advertising, online videos, brochures in digital formats such as PDF files, flip books, tablet and phone apps.

design process…


We use a 5 stage design process to achieve results for our clients, These are Discover,  Define, Design, Develop and Deliver. Throughout the whole process On The Dot are focused on listening to client feedback ensuring we make the right changes and develop the appropriate alternatives for the project.  We believe that listening and communication is critical to the process of generating effective visual solutions that meet client objectives.


When approaching any project, we at On The Dot will endeavour to capture the essence and importance of the proposed project by investigating a range of initial creative options so that we can be confident we will have explored as many directions as possible to refine into a final successful solution.



We love to work with people that value working closely with a creative team. If this sounds exciting to you and you are looking for a creative team to partner with on your next project please get in touch.
We would love to find out how we can help you. So lets start with a chat, drop a line to Fiona@onthedot.ieto arrange a time. Looking forward to hearing from you.